[MGS Hacks iOS] Head Soccer

Unlimited Points! – With video instructions!

You do not need a Jailbreak for this hack.

If you are having trouble installing this hack, follow the video we made at the bottom of the page.

Works with v2.1.1

What you get:

– Unlimited Points.


1Install the game.
2 – Open and close the game – switch it off from multitasking
3 – Download this file.
4 – Extract the .zip file using a program of your choice such as WinZip7-ZipStuffit (mac).
5 – Use a file browser of your choice iFile (Jailbroken only), DiskAidiFunBox & Navigate to  /var/mobile/Applications/Head Socer/Library/Preferences/ – Make a backup of your ‘com.dnddream.headsoccer.plist’ file (Copy it to computer).
6 – Replace the ‘com.dnddream.headsoccer.plist’ file with the one from the .zip file you downloaded.
7 – Launch the game & enjoy.

Note: You may want to backup your own “com.dnddream.headsoccer.plist”  before this hack because it’ll delete all of the game data.


21 thoughts on “[MGS Hacks iOS] Head Soccer

  1. i cant find the /(Head Soccer Directory)/Library/Preferences/ i have no idea were this is and how to find it please help.

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