[MGS Hacks iOS] Real Racing 3

Get Unlimited Money, R$, All cars upgraded VIP, All events unlocked.

You do not need a Jailbreak for this hack.

If you are having trouble installing this hack, follow the video we made at the bottom of the page.

Works with v1.4.0

What you get:

– Unlimited Money.
– Unlimited R$.
– All Cars Upgraded + VIP.
– All Events Unlocked.


1 – Install the game.
2 – Open and close the game – switch it off from multitasking.
3 – Download this file.
4 – Extract the .zip file using a program of your choice such as WinZip7-ZipStuffit (mac).
5 – Use a file browser of your choice iFile (Jailbroken only), DiskAidiFunBox & Navigate to  /var/mobile/Applications/RR3/ – Make a backup of your ‘Documents + Library’ folders (Copy it to computer).
6 – Replace the file in the ‘Documents + Library’ folders with the one from the .zip file you downloaded.
7 – Launch the game & enjoy.

Note: You may want to backup your own ‘Documents + Library’  before this hack because it’ll delete all of the game data.


41 thoughts on “[MGS Hacks iOS] Real Racing 3

      • Hi,
        Here’s a link to “Real Racing 3 Ultimate Hack -Azaz786.zip” in my Dropbox:


        Hack for new update Real Racing 3 1.4.0

        Jailbreak + Non jailbreak

        Unlimited R$
        Unlimited gold
        All cars unlocked+ upgraded + VIP
        All events unlocked

        Need ifunbox or IFile

        Copy and paste document and library folder to /var/mobile/application/real racing 3/

        Enjoy the race

        This is the VIP hack I extract it from my hex account

      • Hack VPN one click professional all versions

        simply download vpn one click pro. from appstore its free

        Hack features:
        6 month subscriptions

        install vpn pro
        open the app and click download button on bottom right corner
        and enter this code: 4K7C7Z0Q8D

        after entering the code click return on your keyboard
        install the profile and you are done


    – iFile, iFunBox…
    – Jailbroken or Non-Jailbreak iDevice.

    Hack Features:
    – Unlimited Cash

    1. Download zip file.>>> http://adf.ly/XMktm

    GT Racing 2 Hack Unlimited Cash

    2. Use iFunbox or iFile and go to /var/mobile/Applications/GTRacing2/
    Extract the “Documents” folder from the zip.
    3. Open the game and Enjoy!

    Note: This hack will overwrite your save game

      • Dear Sirs,

        So what is the trick to your random question during registration?

        I have tried…




        I have downloaded and love the real racing 3 hack for iOS7.

        Was trying to search for the “same” hack for android phones. But was unable to search, because I am not registered…

        I was not able to register due to no answer to your random question is accepted..

        Please Help.

        Richard C Nash


  2. Wow, I logged in via Facebook and my request for help disappeared?? I have Safari d/l manager, and the files, but get nothing but error codes, when trying to replace the download folder. Both via I-Fun Box or Safari d/l manager.. need step by step instructions. the you-tube video was way too quick and not clear enough as to how to finish the installation.

  3. I clicked on the confirm in the e-mail you sent. Have the files. just need more than the quick video as to how to install. followed the instructions that were there., and get nothing but error codes. Need to know step by step how to install. preferably via Safari manager.. Please Help…. Thank you.

  4. Tried and re-tried, even d/l Safari d/l manager. tried it that way.. Used I-Fun Box. no matter how I try to copy the new documents into the exsisting one. nothing happens. I was able to copy the current my documents to my pc. as you said all info will delete… Nothing just nothing.. I have been working on this for hours and can’t make it work. Help?

  5. I done everything as described for this hack, twice, and after running game no cars where listed and it would stop before I could even run a race event. Real Racing 3 is now version 1.3.0 possibly this could be the problem. I was hoping to increase R$ and Gold for more fun with this app.

  6. Which of the files is it that unlock all the cars and fully upgrades them? I still want to be able to do that… In fact, WHich of the files do i need to just get the money and gold bit?
    BTW, works a treat, REALLY easy to get working and does the business. Top job.

  7. will every progress u’ve made in this game sofar disappear when u install the hack? i mean: have done a lot of races, would be a shame to lose all of that…

  8. yes it would be nice to have less money and gold. so you can publish screenshots without getting banned from EA. 😉 something like 3209 gold helmets who never drops to end. hahaha like the $ who get back to the starting volume. 😉

    does the 1.0.2 update also works well with the hack?

  9. Kinda crazy to think that this hack puts about 200 million dollars worth of the gold coins on your game lol. Since the gold packs are $100 for 1,000 coins. 2 billion divided by 1,000 times 100= about 200 million LMAO

  10. Sorry if these are silly questions but can you please tell me if after finishing with this procedure can we play as we normally would do or every time before we play we will have to turn of the wifi and the cellular data? Also,will we be able to update the game when an update is available or we have to stick to the initial edition of the game?

  11. does that means you should have a jailbraked iphone or ipad? otherwise isnt possible to come close to the iDevise documents folder. i would appreciate if you could tell us exactly how you copy the hacked documents folder into the rr3 directory (which you cants see on a non jailbraked iPad). thanks

    • You do not need to be jailbroken and no its not impossible. Just download ifunbox on your desktop computer – plug in you iphone – navigate to applications (its the top one) – find real racing 3 – in there you will see the documents folder along with some other folders – take the documents folder you extracted from my zip file drag and drop in ifunbox this will overwrite the documents in the real racing 3 directory. You do not need to be jailbroken. You only need to be jailbroken if you need access to the root of the phone in this case you do not need access to the root

    • I dont know how that can be anymore clearer…?
      Download ifunbox for your computer and click applications find real racing 3 and copy the file you downloaded (the Documents folder) and paste it in the real racing 3 directory…

      • It wasn’t! I thought you have to download iFundbox on the iPhone and find a way to add the files in the folder. Now I got it and it’s working great! Thanks for the tip!

    • hi,

      thnx for the hack…..

      but i have one problem.

      my friends in rr3 do see always the old scores of my profile.

      how can this be?

      what must i do so that my friends see the new score of my new profile??


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